Our Services

Surge for Sciences Surge for Sciences is a recruitment agency focused on the industries of Life Sciences, Medical Devices, Food & Feed, and the chemical industry. We are specialized in the recruitment of candidates with a background in QC, QA, RA and R&D. Our service is based on a close and transparent relationship with our clients and candidates, a tailored service provision to each and every assignment and aspiring to the highest level of quality and service level.

In order to provide a set of qualified candidates, we organize an intake meeting to get a better understanding of the company culture, the organization, the department, KSAOs (Knowledge, skills, abilities and others) and practical motives. Based on the above we draw up a value proposition for employees. After all, talented candidates want to work for those organizations where they can develop themselves and offer them a good future.

After we have obtained a good picture of the ideal candidate we will draw up a recruitment plan with a detailed planning and feedback moments. By sourcing both pro-actively and reactive we manage to realize a high quality response within six weeks. We select the most suitable candidates based on the culture fit, motivations, KSAOs and practical motives and we make sure that the selected candidates have a good fit with the financial package that is offered.

Due to our focus and commitment, we have been achieving a high delivery reliability for years. We build up a track record in delivering matching candidates.